A Warm Hello By The Spring Universe

Spring is the best time to shop! At Orion Mall, with our unique fashion shows and styling conversations, insightful presentations, and pampering sessions, we want to guide shoppers to discover what makes them stand out and give them the power to make decisions that work for them.

Discover ‘Hues the suit You’ at Orion Mall. This season, let your clothes reflect your myriad personality. Between laid-back elegance and retro glamour, you wouldn’t have to pick, Shop it all. With the diverse Spring/Summer 2021 collections at Orion Mall, celebrate every element of your personality. With one-of-a-kind pieces from renowned brands that will shed a spotlight on what makes you special, spruce up your closet. Transform into a stylish and fashionable flower in bloom too. It’s really up to you if you’re going to have this chance right now or if you’re going to let someone else get ahead of you. Our recommendation is straightforward-grab a chance and go for it! Here are our Top Spring Fashion Trends straight out of the Spring Universe;

● Shades of Sunshine or even brighter!
With each season there will still be a certain colour the most dominant one. We can say that for spring 2021 this colour is a bright yellow. In case you prefer orange over the yellow, do not be worried. The colours which reflect the shades of the sun are currently ones of the trendiest! With this said, what about creating an outfit which will copy the loveliness and beauty of the sunshine or sunset?

● Vintage Puffed Sleeves.
Elegant, feminine, modern. We can identify with these words one of the newest, Victorian-inspired, puff sleeves fashion that is really popular during the spring season at the moment. You can turn yourself into a beautiful and sophisticated lady too with a faint feeling of the retro decades. We recommend that you try to wear vintage-like makeup as well. The same goes for the hairstyle, too. This transition of yours, which will carry you back in time for a few decades or even millennia, you will not believe your own eyes. The puffed sleeves on the blouses and dresses are also very common.

● Still persists the white cotton trend!
If the black color is still right, for the white, the same saying is still true. There are still white head-to-toe outfits in the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pair the white pieces of clothes with other colored ones. A shirt, skirt, knitted sweaters, or even a soft transient coat that can be worn during the spring but even during the fall are the simple white items you can certainly have in your wardrobe.

● Ruffle it up
Do not forget that the super-duper charming ruffles are once again back in the series! Can you always recall that they were the focus of attention? Looks like they’re not going to vanish that soon. And we really believe, to be honest, that ruffles, particularly on blouses and dresses, are a must-have for spring every year.

The Spring & Summer season encapsulates nature’s essence. Be bold. Be very quirky. Be informal. Be ethnic. Be cultural. Be You. With the latest, bold Spring Collection, Orion Mall, the best mall in Gorakhpur, invites you to embrace your individuality and celebrate every version of yourself.




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